30 x 15 x 2.3cm Rectangle (12″ x 6″)


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Our 30cm x 15cm rectangle is a very diverse tile, and can be laid in a variety of different ways, including herringbone and the traditional overlapping brickwork style. It can also be used as a border tile in larger rooms. Ideal for underfloor heating. Looks great in hallways and kitchens, but can be used in any room around the home. As with all of our handmade terracotta tiles, the mix of our unique three clay blend when combined with wood firing, ensures that each tile possesses a lovely blend of colours, textures and unique features such as burn marks from flames in the kiln. Featuring reds, oranges, darker shades like greys, maroons and blacks, and lighter shades such as creams and pinks, our tiles will help to create a room or setting which is full of warmth and originality. As with all handmade clay / terracotta tiles, they need to be sealed with a synthetic or natural sealant. At a very affordable £42.95 per metre, these classic rectangle tiles represent excellent value for money.

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