Business Update: We are not supplying Pre-Sealed Tiles until 1st November, as we are fully booked with that service. Service is normal for unsealed tiles. Best regards, Ben

Pre-Sealed Tile Shop

We now offer pre-sealed terracotta floor tiles which you can purchase below. This means that the installation of our terracotta tiles is much easier and quicker, and can save you both time and money. This means that you only have to lay and grout the tiles, saving three to five days in waiting for the floor to be sealed, dried and finished. The cost for this service is £10 per m2 for linseed oil, and £15 per m2 for the resin CCC (Triple C), both of which are UK made sealants :

Traditional Sealing Service

Using UK made boiled linseed oil, we give the tiles six coatings with a professional applicator, which gives them a comprehensive seal. This also makes it much easier to clean the tiles when grouting, and gives good protection against water and any other liquids or dirt. You should note that linseed oil will darken the tiles. Once the floor is laid, you are then free to use a matte or gloss hard wax like Osmo Polyx for the final finish.

Modern Sealing Service

Using the resin CCC (Triple C), which we have found to be the best modern sealant on the market, we give the tiles two coats with a professional applicator. When the resin is fully cured, it gives excellent protection against water, grease and other liquids. CCC is ideal if you want to maintain the original colours of the tiles. Once the floor is laid, we recommend using a quality hard wax like Osmo Polyx for the final finish.

Single-tile Designs

Multi-tile Designs