15cm Square (6″)


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Quite a rare tile to find these days, the smaller size ensures that every square metre of floor is packed with character, with 43 tiles per metre. As with all of our handmade terracotta tiles, the mix of our unique three clay blend combined with wood firing, ensures that each tile possesses a lovely blend of colours and textures. Featuring reds, oranges, darker shades like browns, greys, maroons and blacks, our tiles will help to create a room or setting which is full of warmth and originality. The 15cm square tile is perfect for any sized room or project, and can be laid fairly quickly and easily, in both a parallel or overlapping brickwork style. As with all handmade clay / terracotta tiles, they need to be sealed with a synthetic or natural sealant. At an affordable £44.95 per metre, these rich, warm tiles are an absolute steal.

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